Monday, December 10, 2012

Hi, I'm Diana & I'm Unemployed

If you haven't heard already, I'm now a part of the league of unemployed. I was one of 400 let go from the quasi tech, daily deal selling , LivingSocial.

When I got that phone call from my boss and my HR rep telling me that my position was being eliminated, I didn't really know how to react. My face looked like this:

But inside I was numb. As information and questions were fired off through my receiver, " Do you want to arrange to pick up your belongings? Do we have your updated address so we can send you your severance information?... It's not you, it's us", all I heard was "mwa mwa mwa mwa" just like when the adults speak in Charlie Brown.

I'll be honest, I've never been let go, fired or anything... ever. I didn't LOVE what I was doing but it paid the bills so I definitely wasn't planning to leave without a more fulfilling option presenting itself. I didn't know whether to feel panicked, happy, sad, disappointed. But I will tell you what questions popped into my mind first, "how the heck am I going to pay my rent? and, will I need to return that handbag I just bought for Black Friday? maybe I should finally look into egg donation?".

I guess you'd call that panicking, but calmly so. After hanging up the phone, I dialed up my mom and texted a few friends to share my shock & awe. I guess I felt that if I told someone, it'd be like pinching myself and I'd wake up from what I was sure was rapidly approaching nightmare territory and instead be sitting at my desk having one of my usual tyrannical fits over a sales rep not heading one of my requests. Wait...

THIS is a quarter life crisis!

The phenomena I had given up writing about in lieu of  focusing my talents on my other projects: my lifestyle blog The High Life, my 9-6 and baking; was now staring me right in my face. Or better yet reading me my last will & testament as a LivingSocial employee, over the phone.

I'm 27, no longer a kid but surely not what I envisioned a true adult being... somewhere wading around in what I've come to call extended adolescence and now is the time for me to figure out what my true career path should be. Time to take my passions and run with them. Turn those dreams into a reality. But where do I start?

Yeah, filing for unemployment is definitely a great place to start, but what next? What is my next step? Where's the next adventure? I love the retail industry and have been searching for the perfect opportunity to get back into the corporate side of things whether in buying, advertising/marketing or branding. However, DC isn't exactly a hub for retail or fashion. So will I need to return to NYC or maybe this is the push I need to move to London or Dubai. I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm ready to do what I love.

After the initial panic subsided, I felt an odd sense of freedom. There's a blank slate before me and only time will tell how the slate will be filled.

Do you know of any open opportunities that align with my experience? How do you know what my experience is? Well I've conveniently posted it below. If you don't believe in your abilities no one else will right? Right.

LivingSocial July 2011 – December 2012
Market Programmer
 Was responsible for the deal quality and scheduling for 8 selling markets located in the US South East region
 Partnered with my counterparts in the production, editorial and photography departments to ensure that deals are produced accurately and to the merchant’s satisfaction
 Worked with Account Executives and Sales Managers on a daily basis to maximize revenue potential
 Guided the sales' team in each market to ensure that they were securing adequate inventory to sustain their market
 Evaluated all inbound contracts from the sales department to ensure that each deal is of an excellent overall quality
 Used empirical data in order to identify sales & market opportunities, as well as understand the buying behavior of our subscribers
 Managed the deal queue for my markets across all verticals (dailies, families, At Home) in order to maintain a competitive mix and diverse selection of concepts

CUSP-Neiman Marcus September 2010 – July 2011
Selling Stylist
 Cultivated and maintained customer relationships in order to drive business
 Maintained top sales for my location from November 2010-January 2011
 Grossed over $700,000 in sales for the store during the eleven months I worked as a stylist
 Worked in conjunction with my team to maintain the visual aesthetic of the store
Macy’s Inc. June 2009 – September 2010
Advertising Coordinator – Fine and Fashion Jewelry & Watches
 Acted as the main point of contact between the merchant and advertising worlds
 Maintained ad proofs, merchandise for photo shoots, and sign-offs for all ads
 Compiled and configured layouts for storewide direct mailers and ROPs
 Scheduled and facilitated weekly advertising presentations to the production department
 Collaborated with the Advertising Director and marketing department on a daily basis to ensure ads were completed in a correct and timely manner

Macy’s East July 2007 – June 2009
Assistant Buyer – Fashion Watches
 Ran weekly reports and analyzed sales’ trends in order to drive the business and maximize sales opportunities
 Maintained open to buy as well as weekly ROF for respective brands (Fossil group, G-Shock, private label brand)
 Compiled styles for advertising mailers and ROPs in order to strengthen brand awareness and increase revenue
 Was responsible for a $26.0 mil business within a $55.0 mil buyer-ship for the Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 seasons

Spelman College Atlanta, GA
· Major: Psychology Minor: Economics
· Graduated: May 2007
· G.P.A.: 3.77 / 4.0

~ D


  1. i feel even though you are in that wading pool of life you have so many fresh opportunities to start with… like even if you are picking back up something you already did well, i.e. baking you can start each day feeling as though you wouldn't be doing the same thing twice. its beautiful but scary at the same time… but the energy and the aura you create will only be fuel to your fire.. so i say kick your feet up, put on your favorite heels and walk on.. B**** WALK ON! :-) God won't ever leave you! and the fam and friends you have acquired.. if they are real, they won't either…

    "your career will never wake up and tell you they don't love you any more…" --Lady Gaga.

    my aim.. and i say this to myself every morning.. "CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE…" just like the sinful woman in Luke, she didn't care about others opinions.. she walked pasted the ugly stares and continued straight to Jesus because she had to purge her sins and wash is feet with her tears… sometimes you have to forget about everyone else… its about you now, Diana.