Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Time Date Ideas

So, I'm on a dating sabbatical. Yup, no dating and it's by choice. No biggie, just need some time to work on "me".
All of that aside, I've been hearing about some really cute winter date ideas (who knew cold-weather wasn't just for cuddling) and I figured since I'm not about to partake, I'd pass on the ideas to you guys. If any of you all try these activities/places, I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy!

Ice skating, followed by hot cocoa
This is my fav winter date idea. What's cuter than holding hands while you glide across the ice trying your hardest not to embarrass yourself by falling and busting your ass? Not much. And after spending time on the cold ice, a little hot cocoa is a great way to warm things up again. If you're in the DC area, try out these outdoor skating rinks:
National Gallery of Art - Sculpture Gallery
Pentagon Row
Veteran's Plaza in Silver Spring

Enjoy an exhibit that's only available during the winter
 - ICE! at the Gaylord National Harbor ICE! (I'd cook a dude dinner if he took me here! lol)
 - ZooLights at the Washington DC National Zoo
 - the ATL Botanical Gardens Garden Lights

Neighborhood Christmas lights tour/Winter market
I don't think there are any in DC, but I feel like other cities/towns have them. A nice drive through a neighborhood Christmas lights tour would be cute annnnnd it's free! A stroll through/visit to an outdoor winter market, such as the Union Square Holiday Market , could also be fun. Take some time to check out wares by local vendors and even indulge in holiday/winter foods such as roasted chestnuts, hot donuts, mulled cider and the like.

S'mores at Cosi
Cosi is mostly known for being a quick lunch stop for salads and sandwiches, but did you know they also offer S'mores? They have a cute setup that allows you and your date to prepare s'mores tableside. At just under $8, they make a great after dinner, or midday, dessert option. You can also buy the s'more set online here . How delicious is that??

Cooking class
Any situation where both parties get to learn something new at the same time can turn out to be a fun time. And since it's a cooking class, the meal and entertainment get wrapped in to one! I'm a foodie, so naturally a cooking class sounds like a great indoor date idea. Spice things up by taking a dessert class. Check one of these spots out if you're in the DC area:
CulinAerie - offers 3 hour classes, some of which are even designated as "date night" and offer wine pairings
Hill's Kitchen
Company's Coming

Visit a museum or 2
I've loved museums since I was a child. Growing up in DC, where most of the museums are free, it seems only natural. Whether it's history, nature or art that you love, there are so many options to choose from. Pick one or a few and make a day out of exploring museum exhibits. Check out the websites for your local museum before going, to see if there are any special exhibits or film viewings in order to choose the ones that peak you & your date's interests the most.

Puzzle night
This is the only home date I will deem acceptable here. I actually stole this from one of my guy friends(shhhh!).Channel your inner kid and spend a wintry afternoon getting to know one another while putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. Puzzles not your thing? Challenge your date to a round or two of scrabble? Nothing like a little intellectual stimulation :0)

Did I miss anything??


  1. I love these ideas! I'm coming to yalls apt one afternoon and we're making a puzzle

  2. This is a cool post. I actually found a neighborhood Christmas light tour not far from D.C. The setup runs every year from Thanksgiving through New Year's in Upper Marlboro. Want details? You can go here --->

    The other ideas are definitely fun :) I haven't done a puzzle yet but might have to try that one soon.

    Enjoy your sabbatical or, more aptly, "me time"

  3. That suggestion is EXACTLY what I was trying to describe in my post. Thanks Najiy! I may have to check that one out myself lol. And I like that you called it "me time", sounds less... sterile than sabbatical :0)

    And Tamandra, let me/Chris know when you want to come over for a puzzle! We'll make an event out of it lol.